Use Chrome!

Fly a triangle

Steer using the 'A' and 'D' keys

Slow time using the 'Space' key

Rescue other triangles on your way to the exit

Turn up the volume

## Known issues:

 - wasm build only works on chrome - webgpu is needed for compute shaders created by `bevy_hanabi`

 - particle effects are buggy when using Chrome on Windows - this makes some levels a bit harder

 - on wasm (again), when loading the game for the first time, the audio might not play, hit refresh and it should play!

Please report if you find anything. Making the levels was a big pain because of the approach I took and so there are few and they aren't well tested. I made sure to complete them a few times on the final build, but YMMV. 

Source Code:

## Credits:

 - bevy_hanabi - particle effects (using a fork to rebase `u/wasm`)

 - bevy_smud - render SDFs

 - sdfu - signed distance field utilities for defining bounds and checking collision (using a fork with minor changes)

 - pristine_grid - from Chris Biscardi's showcase, used in the background shader

 - for the logo

 - - boost sound effect

 - - wind down sound effect

 - - used to convert the above 2 files to `.ogg`

 - - for prototyping music before editing in a DAW(see prototype of main theme)


Download 31 MB
Download 33 MB


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