A downloadable game

Use your mouse and space bar to kill slimes.. You can cancel some attack animations, and you cannot die. That's pretty much all there is :D

source code: https://github.com/sanisoclem/unfair-advantage

Known bugs:

 - can randomly get stuck on walls

- tilemap is not working in wasm

- physics on M1 mac is very jumpy (have not tested in non M1)


 - https://pimen.itch.io/dark-spell-effect

 - https://o-lobster.itch.io/simple-dungeon-crawler-16x16-pixel-pack

 - https://e-bros-assets.itch.io/top-down-enemy-animated-8-directions

- https://github.com/joelleortiz/ for making the splash screen 


slime_horde_windows.zip 12 MB
slime_horde_macOS.zip 12 MB

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